Welcome to my site.

I host and organize retreats to Paternoster, Western Cape.

I combine art, food and unique experiences in an exclusive setting that entices the beginner and intermediate student of art and food alike.

Groups range from 8 to 16 persons, many return for 2 to 4 times.

Hosts include artists and chefs. The art program is varied, the food includes the best restaurants, local gems that prepares your meal while you paint outdoors at Tieties Baai, painting with a palette knife after having lunch at Gaaitjie on the beach, learning to make antipasti, having dinner at Suzi Holtzhausens house, learning to sculpt at Stone Fish Studios with Diane Heesom Green and so on.

Accommodation and transport can be organized for you, groups can be catered for and private itineraries can be created. I organize larger team building events, both online and personally with teachers with Liberty Group, Loreal and many others.

Paternoster is a special place. A village that inherits influences and narrations from Portuguese explorers, Koi settlers and South African contemporary inspirations.

Paternoster nestles itself against a antique and sullen ocean. It is usually flat but broods and changes its maritime character quite easily. Some of its people are from the earth, some from outer space. It seems to own an almost Grecian fa├žade in a way, but its magic lies in its people. Its conclusive identity will always be an individual opinion for the visitor.

I just like it.