Paternoster Art and Food Retreat


NEXT : 28 October 2019

I have been hosting art and food retreats in Paternoster since 2010.  The setting and ambiance of Paternoster, my fellow hosts and a provocative and varied itinerary make it a unique experience.

The retreat is aimed at the beginner, but more than half of the participants have been intermediary art makers, so I had to adjust the art program to suit both.  

Art forms mainly include a little drawing, oils and a sculpture.  We create in studio, plein-air and at certain venues on the beach.  With oils I teach basics and colour use, under-painting, alla prima (direct), texture and palette knife, and mixed media.  There are many painting hours and usually you go home with 4 or 5 paintings and one sculpture.  

The food program includes meals at a chefs house (Suzi Holtshauzen), a champagne breakfast (Reubens), a picnic lunch, an antipasti making evening (Nostra de Padre), local food expert braais (Ursula Walters and Ouma se Kombuis) and dinners at AMAZING restaurants like Leeto,  Voorstrand, Noisy Oyster, Gaaitjie and Chef of the Year Kobus van der Merwes’ Wolfgat.
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