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Welcome.  Thank you for visiting my site.  The Paternoster Art Holiday is a retreat that offers you something unique.  I combine art, food and unique experiences throughout the year at Stone Fish Studio, Tietiesbaai and various other special places in and around Paternoster.

I have been hosting art and food retreats in Paternoster since 2010. 

The setting and ambiance of Paternoster, my fellow hosts and a provocative and varied itinerary make it an unforgettable experience.

The retreat is aimed at the beginner to intermediate art enthusiast.  

Art forms mainly include a little drawing as well as techniques in oils and a sculpture. 

We create art works in studio, plein-air on the beach and at certain restaurants, as well as on the beach. 

With oils I teach basics like colour, under-painting, alla-prima (direct painting), texture, palette knife, and mixed media.  There are many painting hours and usually you go home with 5 or 6 paintings and one sculpture.  

The food program may includes many things, like meals at a chefs house (Suzi Holtshauzen),  homemade breakfasts (depending on availability), a picnic lunch, an antipasti making evening (Nostra de Padre), local food expert braais (Ursula Walters), being cooked for by Adel Hughes (Oep ve Koep) and dinners at AMAZING restaurants like Leeto,  Voorstrand, Noisy Oyster and Wolfgat. 

You have the choice to book your own accommodation or to pick one of the options I can give you.

ITINERARY October 2020


Retreat 2019:


“From being a total beginner with no experience whatsoever, I am going away with 5 paintings that I am rather proud of.  An excellent teacher that gets you to see what you are looking at and gently gets you out of your comfort zone.  To top the art discovery experience, the food was outstanding, the venue superb and the group just worked greatly.  Would definitely do this again, thanks!!” – Anne

“Thank you, AJ, for a wonderful week.  Having great memories of drawing with Carel (teacher Ajay’s), I was very excited to come to this retreat.  I have learnt so much, and you have rekindled my joy of painting.  Not to mention all the wonderful and interesting places you organised for our culinary experiences.  What a wonderful time for all of us and I have met lovely people who I hope to keep contact with.  All and all an exceptional experience.  Thank you’ – Barbara

“What a wonderful adventure!  Great food, great company, and of course ART – all in an absolutely gorgeous setting.  Rocks, rocks and more rocks!!  Thanks AJ, you did a superb job” – Maria

“ How did the week pass so quickly?  Ah yes – it was the first time someone taught me to draw, and do mixed media, and made the days so varied and packed full of fun.  AJ is a gentle, encouraging and inspiring teacher with carefully thought through approach to make you progress through the week, building your confidence each day.  The food pairing was amazing, a true feast for the senses in all regards.

An art and food “retreat”? No I think an art and food BONANZA. An awesome experience – Thank you AJ” – Kathy

“The best week this year.  I will book again.  Love the teaching, love the food, love the group.  Thank you AJ” – Christine

“A fabulous week!  Thank You!!  I was taken out of my comfort zone and enjoyed the challenge.  I never thought I would paint from anything other than a photo.  The food was great and we had a lovely group of people.  To blend or not to blend… that is the question.   The sculpture session was also fantastic!”  Bela

“A totally awesome experience in every way – amazing teacher – well organised – will book again soon!!!  Thank you AJ”  Brigitte

“Fantastic week.  Baie variasie!  Kosgewys, onderwerpe, mense, plekke en tegnieke.  Sculpture session was amazing!  Rustig sonder druk. Maar het nog steeds baie geleer en nuwe dinge uitprobeer.  Baie dankie!”  Adri

“Without blending, only one person can get 12 people to enjoy such a wonderful week together.  Great food, great organisation and very special people.  Thank You”

“Many happy hours spent finding my creative side, with the skillfull help of AJ.  He guided and inspired me and never got tired of rescuing our works of art.  What a wonderful experience, happy to do it again”  Frank Lovell

“Met hierdie kursus het my hele wereld oopgegaan, dit wat ek by jou geleer het sale k vir die res van my lewe kan toepas.”  Antoinette

“Dear AJ, what a wonderful inspirational, creative, innovative and above all enjoyable week of art, food and good conversation we had with you.  We go back armed with so much knowledge and experience that you shared with us so willingly.  A truly awesome experience”  Alison Lovell

“AJ, baie dankie weereens vir n ongelooflike ervaring.  Bo en behalwe wat ek geleer (en prober) het, is die lekker samesyn iets om te onthou.  Dankie vir al jou moeite wat jy doen met die sorgsame beplanning en goeie program.  Jy bly die beste! 9 x die beste!”  Esmari

A special note of thanks and appreciation, deep deepfelt loss for the death of Ian Jardine Young, who spent some of his last weeks with us at Paternoster.  This was his fourth visit and although very ill, took it upon himself to share a last visit for Moning and us.  Miss you so much!
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