Please note that the final itinerary is sent two weeks prior to departure to the participants.



Included with this letter will be the initial itinerary, the relevant information and costs.  Most meals and dining experiences are now included in the price (drinks excluded) and cannot be left out.  The retreat has been extended with one day.  You need to book for 8 nights.


The retreat dates are set, but the event dates itself will probably change.






Sunday 18 November

Arrive in Paternoster – all restaurants close early on a Sunday, the Lodge is open until 6pm – with a beautiful vista across the Atlantic.  If you drink white wine – try the Harold’s Bay Sauvignon Blanc.  Food is good.  Unwind.


Monday 19 November

Oysters and Champagne (MCC) Breakfast at Reubens, Bekbaai side.  We will meet and start the chain reaction of good food for the week at this beautiful restaurant.  Meet Dianne, Hesther and I as well as all the other participants.  I will go over the weeks program and explain the area and schedule to you.

First session at the studio – drawing basics as reflected by our environment – what to do first, what to see and what to omit, proportion, tone and simplification.  I will only teach what you need at Paternoster.  The session will be light and easy.  Throughout the duration of the retreat I will be responsible for any drawing problems.

Lunch will be in picnic form at the fish market with Sally-Jo

Afternoon session will be in painting basics – oils.  In our classes we teach people to interpret rather than experiment, to stay safe through investigation.  I teach you to see colour and to create harmony and not a circus.  This is done by simple exercises.

Suzi Haultshausen   You don’t want to miss this one – a feast of local cuisine done at its best – my personal guarantee.   We will end the retreat on this high note either at Sea Shack, but if not available I will find another location.


Tuesday 20 November

Drawing session on the beach, early to capture the shadows when they are at their best.  We will only be here for an hour, capturing simple shapes and composition with pencil on canvas and camera, then we will go to the studio to discuss, mix and apply colour.  The technique will be underpainting and overpainting.


Ouma se kombuis will prepare you some local cuisine.

We he afternoon session will be at the same venue and I will teach you alla prima – direct painting.  It will most probably be a little boat and will be pre-drawn.  All these paintings are planned in succession to prepare you for your plein air at Tietiesbaai.

Dinner will be at Voorstrandt, on the beach, watching the sun set.


Wednesday 21 November

One of my favourite days.  Another early rise, followed by a drive to Tietiesbaai, a demo by me – finding a composition, planning and creating a painting plein air.  Then it will be your turn, finding a brilliant arrangement to paint, recording it on camera and paint.

Lunch will be on the rocks created by Ursula, our local wonder woman – think seafood on the coals, homemade bread and salads.

Your afternoon and dinner will be free for exploring at your own pace.


Thursday 22 November

You will spend this day with Dianne.  You will have two sessions, one in the morning, and one in the afternoon.  Dianne will explain and take you through the process of sculpture art making – yum.  She is especially good with newcomers, and you will use paper clay to create your own masterpiece.

Lunch will be next door at Square Spoon with a sumptuous finger lunch.


Friday 23 November

Mixed Media day – In the morning a demo first – exploring mixed media and its versatile nature of experimentation, working from dark to light.  Then you will create an easy painting using oils, diluents and dry media.

Lunch at Gaatjie – experience another of my favourite at the sea.

Afternoon – we will paint at Gaatjie using Impasto – thick pasted paint with brush and a little palette knife.

Dinner with Uro.  We will go to Uros’ place for a sumptuous Italian dinner.  You can also participate if you wish making antipasti.


Saturday 24 November


Drive to Langebaan.  Session on the beach with breakfast.  Today I’ll take you through some loosening up exercises and include some perceptional and observational workouts.  Most people focus on detail instead of the parts that can bind and make a painting special and harmonious.

Drive through West Coast National Park to Preekstoel and more

Geelbek Lunch – not included, I will not be able to join you for lunch.

Dinner at Leepos next to the beach Paternoster.



Sunday 25 November


Breakfast at my place

Last session – today you will bring all your art work that you have done to complete them.  When you arrive, we will first do some more observational exercises.  It will be a long session.

Lunch will be at Noisy Oyster.  The restaurant boasts a great ambience and a great chef!






COST R 9900.00





  • 12 Art Sessions and Studio Hire
    1. Drawing Basics
    2. Oil Painting and Colour Basics
    3. Traditional undercoat and topcoat techniques
    4. Alla Prima Session
    5. Two Sculpture sessions
    6. Plein Air Outdoors drawing and painting sessions
    7. Mixed Media Techniques
    8. Wet on wet Techniques
    9. Impasto Techniques
    10. Loosening up and Observational Techniques
    11. Recap Session with more exercises and notes
  • Demos
  • Breakfast at Reubens
  • Beach Picnic Lunch
  • Dinner Voorstrand
  • Finger/Picnic lunch
  • Beach Seafood braai with Ursula
  • Lunch at Gaatjie set menu
  • Entrance to National Parks
  • Dinner at Kobus 4 course – awaiting confirmation
  • Dinner at Noisy Oyster
  • Dinner with chef Suzi
  • Langebaan Breakfast
  • Visit to West Coast National Park
  • Some materials


All meals exclude drinks and some gratuity.




What you need to know:


  • The retreat I offer is not a guided tour. I am solely responsible for the art and food sessions.
  • You will be responsible for your own accommodation and lodging, transport and getting around, some food and social interaction. You will be entirely responsible for everything you need and do in Paternoster.  I can book you into a Guesthouse – around R1300 per night if you like.

I prefer places around Mosselbank and Voorstrand, avoid Kliprug unless you like noise.  Look at reviews when you book.  Many places show the beach as close when it is not.  It’s worthwhile spending a little extra to find a good safe place.

  • Please note that I do not organize lifts. If you are afraid of driving, you can organise an Uber or Taxi lift to Langebaan or Vredenburg, then rent a car at AVIS, Budget or Bidvest.
  • I organize some workshops at different venues. This way you experience a beautiful place while you are making beautiful art.  Add food and you are near euphoria.  The workshops are in pencil, charcoal, oils and a little mixed media.  No watercolour or acrylics.  I start you off with drawing basics, but most of your art work will be pre-drawn to save time and stress.  Most works are small (8 x 10 inches or slightly larger canvasses) for easy transportation.  Most of the art sessions are pre-planned and arranged and cannot be changed.
  • There are 12 art sessions in all, 10 with me and two with Dianne. All consists of different techniques and approaches to plein air, texture, wet-on-wet, clay and a few others as well as loosening up exercises.  They are there for you to experience the sheer diversity of creativity.
  • Most participants are beginners to intermediate artists. Most painting projects are pre-drawn to save time and effort.
  • My method of teaching is step-by-step, methodical, keeping it as simple as possible. You need to be committed; when I join visiting artists, I do what they teach me, so I can learn from them.  I also adjust my teaching to your skill level.
  • The sessions are around 3 to 4 hours long. Some in studio, some outdoors, some on the beaches or surrounding locations.  Some with great food experiences.  You may need a few days after for rest…
  • You don’t need to be able to climb rocks, but you need to be mobile.
  • On the last day we do a recap and discuss the weeks’ work, with some exciting new exercises that helps you loosen up and consider art making in new ways.
  • We travel to different localities by car, not sharing, you need to be able to drive and get there by yourself.
  • Dietary needs: I can organise vegetarian – I am one.  If any other exist, you need to organise this well in advance with the relevant restaurant or chef.
  • Paternoster is in the Cape, so the weather is completely unpredictable. If we cannot paint outside, we will move to a studio.
  • Paternoster has a high petty crime rate. As in any place in SA, you need to be careful where you place valuables, and especially where you book your accommodation. Please refer to the section below, marked accommodation.  Never buy sea food from vendors walking the streets.
  • Materials supplied: Oils (Georgian), Clay, Canvas Panels, Turpentine, Bottles, Rags, Palettes, Pastels and View Finder
  • Materials you need to bring: Drawing Materials – You need a B and B6 Pencil, Charcoal, Sharpener and Eraser, Sketchbook (A5) and Bull Clips, Brushes – Good Quality Flat or Filbert Hog no 2 4 6 8 and a Point Brush no 0 for detail.  I use Daler Rowney Georgian and a Palette Knife.  If you are a Professional Artist – Bring your kit.
  • Cancellation policies are strict.
  • If you are returning to Paternoster with us, I will change your art program slightly and your fee will be less.


Please enquire for a booking form – I only take 12 persons, if more we add another week.





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