Itinerary August 2017

Please note that the final itinerary is sent two weeks prior to departure to the participants.

Day 0

Fly in to Cape Town InternationalRent a Car, and drive to Paternoster (150km).

You can book into most accommodation venues after 2 pm.  Please click here for options and offers to fly, drive and find accommodation in Paternoster.

Day One

Breakfast: We will meet at a restaurant to start the day and orientation.  Meet and greet, coffee and breakfast, smiles and nerves.

Morning: Drawing Basics – Pencil and Charcoal.

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Drawing Basics at Stone Fish Studios –   After you have settled in:  Learn to observe and draw your surroundings, to distance correctly, interpret values and to blend correctly.  Learn what to see and what to omit, and acquire the essential secrets for drawing.  Both pencil and charcoal will be used.

Lunch: We drive to Paternoster Beach for a Picnic (300 meters) – especially made for us by our gracious hosts.

painting holiday (85) (Medium)

Afternoon: Back to the studio for Painting Basics (oils) and Colour Theory.  Colour use should be understood by the artist – whether you like to paint in high colour or low key, you need to learn what colours work together and which can be used to create harmony and interest.  Then you will paint to practice these easy combinations. I find it quite invaluable.

Dinner: We’re off to Sea Shack for dinner.  Sea Shack is an eco-friendly development and is literally meters away from the waters’ edge.  There is a beautiful boma.  Dinner will be hosted by Suzi Holtshuizen, and if she is not available by Oumas Kitchen.

Day Two

Morning – Drawing Session on the beach for an hour, then in-studio for 2 hours.  Apply what you have learnt on Day One, following the basics to create a 6 x 9 ” painting.  Drawing will take place on the beach – you will draw rocks and sea – nothing more (unless advanced), and then we will go to the studio to do the basic planning in colour.  Technique – Underpainting and Overpainting.

Lunch – Drive to Jacobs Bay for lunch at Weskus Plek.

Afternoon – Relax under the varandah and follow a demo from me painting a little boat.  This exercise may sound simple but we will use direct painting on coloured canvas, 6 x 9 “, and your picture will be pre-drawn to save time.  You will use harmonious complimentary colours in this exercise before adding some accent colours.  This days’ exercises will prepare you for our Plain Air Day at Tieties Bay.

Dinner  – Voorstrandt on the beach


Day Three

Morning – Sculpture with Dianne Heesom Green.  Create a small sculpture today with the help of a very talented artist who exhibits locally and overseas.  She will teach you how to create something special with clay.  What makes sculpture special is that you have to envision in 3D.  It is also amusing how we relate to a figure or a face in terms of proportion and how each person will bring out their own style or characteristics in a sculpture piece.

Lunch – Lunch with Gaby

Afternoon – Sculpture with Dianne Heesom Green, continued

Dinner – Join Uro @ Studio nostra de padre for an authentic Italian Cooking Session – NEW

Day Four

Morning – Meet and then drive to Tietiesbaai – 6 kilometres South, in convoy to one of my favourite painting spots.

Plein Air (Live drawing and painting on location) Session at Tietiesbaai.  I will demo drawing and painting on location – there are rocks, hills, ocean and beautiful coves waiting for you to explore with your charcoal and acrylics.  I apply a very easy step-by-step method to painting outdoors that I will illustrate and teach you.  While you are creating, people in the background are preparing a feast for you.

Lunch – Seafood Braai with Ursula.  On the rocks, with wine.  Real local flair with smiles and laughs.

Afternoon – Off

Dinner – Wolfgat  With Kobus van der Merwe – Author of Strandveldfood, and a remarkable chef that cooks food from the earth, localised and exotic six course dinner that will blow your mind – a true taste adventure for the culinary explorer.  Not egg and chips.


Day Five

Morning – Mixed Media Session – I will demo a still in soft pastels, diluents and oils, then it will be your turn – time for a little fun.

Lunch – Gaaitjie Restaurant

Afternoon – Painting at Gaaitjie – Painting a Paternoster scene from a Picture in Oils Impasto (Thick Blobby Paint) in Mininmalist Form.  Do not worry about oils drying and travelling – I will show you how to travel safely with wet paintings.  We will do this on the veranda overlooking the sea.

Dinner – Off


Day Six

Morning Session –  Cheese Making Session and Lunch at Trekoskraal – A little deserved diversion that you will need by now.  Anita will show how to make some cheeses at home and spoil you with a true South African Lunch.

Afternoon Session – Bring all your art work for analysis, changes and corrections.  We will also review the weeks’ work and discuss and demo anything you still need to understand as well as anything else that in art making that I can clarify for you.  We need 4 hours for this session.

Dinner – Noisy Oyster (Optional).  I love ending our journey at Noisy Oyster, the ambiance and food is one of a kind – the sensation there is exquisite and almost secretive, think happy and fulfilled.



Day Seven

Leave and plan your return.