• The retreat I offer is not a guided tour.  I am solely responsible for the art and food sessions.  That means you will be responsible for your own lodging, transport and getting around, and sourcing some food, unless organised by me.
  • If you are booking your accommodation through me, a deposit is required and is not refundable in any event.  It will be booked in your name and cannot be transferred to someone else or changed.  Please check the dates for all the required payments.
  • Social interaction is dependent on the person.  
  • The curriculum is as it says.  It will not be changed for any person, but if you are a pro, talk to me.
  • No watercolour or acrylics. 
  • Most works are small (8 x 10 inches or slightly larger canvasses) for easy transportation.  Most of the art sessions are pre-planned and arranged and will not be changed.
  • My method of teaching is step-by-step, methodical, keeping it as simple as possible. I also adjust my teaching to your skill level.  I will help you wherever you need it, but you need to try first.
  • You don’t need to be able to climb rocks, but you need to be mobile, walk onto the beach.
  • We travel to different localities by car, sometimes sharing, but you need to be able to drive and get there by yourself.
  • Dietary needs:  I can organise vegetarian – I am one.  If any other exist, you need to organise this well in advance with the relevant restaurant or chef, let me know what you want.
  • Paternoster has a high petty crime rate. As in any place in SA, you need to be careful where you place valuables, and especially where you book your accommodation. Please refer to the section in costs, marked accommodation.  Never buy sea food from vendors walking the streets.
  • You need to be connected to WhatsApp.
  • Meals are set per amount per person.  No moneys will be refunded, even if you eat for less or skip the meal. The remainder – drinks and gratuity that you incurred personally, will be levied up for you and be payable on the last day. 

  • Cancellation policies are strict:
  • Many bookings towards restaurants, individuals and establishments are paid well in advance. 
  • You need to pay a deposit to secure your booking, which is refundable, until dates stipulated in the payment table.
  • All moneys must be paid according to dates stipulated in the payment table.
  • No moneys will be paid back under any circumstance as stipulated in the payment table.

You need to take out travelers insurance.  If I cannot host the retreat in any capacity or circumstance, your insurance can repay everything for you.  I cannot organize this for you.  It is very important and inexpensive.

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