Suggested Art Program For Your Venue

Suggested Art Program For Your Venue


Morning – Basic Drawing Skills

Laying down the foundations of drawing: teaching you observational skills, proportioning and tone and many others.

Afternoon – Basic Drawing Skills Continued

This session will deal with small drawing projects, mainly helping the student to understand and employ important basics.


Morning – Drawing on Location

‘Art-Plein’ refers to drawing or painting in nature with your new skills learnt from the previous day creating a solid foundation in drawing.

Afternoon – Charcoal Drawing and Loosening-Up

Charcoal drawing on Large Paper will liberate the stressed mind and hand to build confidence and knowledge in drawing through various fun drawing exercises.


Morning – Oil Painting Basics

We will discuss (through demos and practice) the nature and characteristics of oils, its’ basic workings and media related foundations, as well as colour mixing and blending in a few small projects.

Afternoon – Oil Painting Basics Continued- Under Painting

Learn to use one of the oldest and safest methods of planning and executing a small oil painting.


Morning – Oil Painting Basics -Wet-on-Wet Technique

A fantastic easy and fun way to complete a small oil painting. (Pre-drawn by me)

Afternoon – Oil Painting Basics -Impasto and Palette Knife

Learn to use palette knife and thick paint to create a quick and beautiful oil painting. (Pre-drawn)


Morning – Mixed Media Project 1 – Oils and Dry Media

The student can learn to use different media together like pastels, turpentine and oils. (Pre-drawn)

Afternoon – Mixed Media Project 2 = Oils, Collage and Diluents

Use oils, turpentine, gesso and oils to create stunning effects in an oil painting. (Pre-drawn)


Morning – Watercolour Basics 1

I teach you the basics of watercolours, from washes to added effects with small projects

Afternoon – Watercolour Mixed Media- Charcoal, Pastels and Oils

This method employs watercolout on wet paper together with dry media for a loose and dramatic painting. (Pre-drawn)


Morning – Soft Pastels Basics

Learn this versatile medium through simple projects on different supports, like paper and canvas.

Afternoon – Soft Pastels Project

Following the previous session, you will be able to create a beautiful pastel painting,


Sculpture – Figure, head or relief for beginners

Monotype Printing – easy effective printing with oils on paper.

Comic – Learn to do a basic caricature or comic sketch.

Portraiture – 3 to 6 session portraiture session in oils.

Anatomy Рone session with a model or two Рvery basic, very effec tive

Colour – Learn to use colour correctly in oils

Many Projects available in Oils, Acrylics, Watercolour, Mixed Media and Charcoal

MOST IMPORTANT – a final session where I work on a one on one basis with each individual. This session is to create an awareness for the student of where he or she is and which path would be best for him or her to take, also to check certain basic understandings and discussing problems and so on.

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