The Art Program


Each art session is around 3 to 4 hours.

  1. Drawing Basics – Pencil and charcoal

Drawing Basics concerns fundamentals like Proportioning (Spacing something correctly), Adding Value and Volume with Shading and Blending, Composition (Arranging and placing things correctly in a given space).

This lesson is very basic and focused to get the student going.  There is also an exercise to ease tension for those who are nervous of drawing.

We also dabble with charcoal that is a very effective tool for quick tonal sketches and establishing shadow patterns.  Charcoal and pencil can also be used together, which I will teach you.

2.  Painting Basics

The lesson centers around the use of colour and different colour combinations that is inherent to the West Coast as well as in general.  The use of neutrals is especially useful.  You will also paint two little pictures to explore correct colour combinations.

3.  Drawing Composition and Painting

We will go to the beach for an hour, find a suitable and complementary composition of rocks and ocean and draw these on small 6 x 9 or 6 x 10 panel canvasses.

Then we will all go back to the studio and paint these compositions in oils using your knowledge from the previous days.  The technique will be under-painting, then thicker overlaying of oils.

4.  Painting Jacobsbaai

Due to time constraints we will paint an authentic Paternoster boat that has been pre-drawn.  Ou technique will be painting on a coloured canvas with scumbling.  If you want to paint your own design, your drawing needs to be on the canvas before we start.

5 and 6.  Sculpture with Dianne – Clay

Dianne will introduce you to sculpture, working with clay and a little bit of anatomy as well. Balance is key in sculpture and she will teach you how to maintain poise and stability while you enjoy making a little artwork that can be glazed and then fired.  Your artwork will be collectable after your departure date due to the necessary drying time or Diane will post it to you.  The sculpture lesson will be split into a morning and afternoon session, with lunch in-between.

Dianne also runs the Stone Fish Gallery that hosts an array of work from many different artists, including herself, that can be viewed and admired whilst you are there.

7.  Drawing and Painting Tietiesbaai (Plein Air)

I suppose there is very little that beats painting in nature.  Ask Monet, Van Gogh!  I will demo how to draw, plan and paint a scene, then you will have a try.  The elements are harsh, rocks, sand, changing tide and light, but each artist needs to be exposed to this sooner or later as it puts you in touch with recreating what you see and your ability to observe.  Today in your off time you also need to create a drawing for our Impasto session.

8.  Mixed Media

I will demo using pastels, diluents like oil and turpentine and water and then adding oil paints to create a quick and vibrant still life.  Then you will have a go.

9.  Impasto

Impasto – using thick blobby paint, a very fun way of creating a little building or boat that has been pre-drawn by you.

10.  Final Session

We will gather and fix and ammend all your work after a short Perceptional Drawing session.  I can also demo whatever you request from what you have observed and have difficulty with.  Use this time to learn all that you need to know.

And there it is – a lot for six days!  Be sure to book more days for other activities and excursion!

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